Maintain the Facade

Enter the Chaotic Thoughts of a Madwoman - If You Dare...

This site is a home for my various channels of artistic expression. Here you will find poetry, prose, graphics, music videos and journal entries.

It is hard, when writing about the self, to separate the inane from the relevant. Yet, everyone loves a little randomness, so, this is me:

Vociferous. Honest. Tempestuous. Passionate. Creative. Sarcastic. Funny. In love. Vegetarian. Happy. Slightly crazy. Affectionate. Sometimes hyperactive. Sometimes irritable. Empathetic. Uninhibited. Opinionated. Guarded. Quixotic. Tattooed. Musical.

~ I put up a tough facade, but can be really sensitive.
~ I have a tendency to over-analyse the seemingly mundane.
~ I believe narcissism works best in art, not people.
~ My three essentials in life are writing, reading and music.
~ I'm Buffy and Helena Bonham Carter obsessed for life.
~ I love vodka. I love mango margaritas more.

I'm Kendall and these are my ramblings. Don't get lost...